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Last updated 29/05/20
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Final AMA

Guest: Brandon Butch

tank#0001: Hi Brandon! :ablobwave: How did you first get started in tech? Any industry influences?

I have always been into tech, since I was a kid. I had a video camera in my hand when I was 8 and was always just curious. I credit my dad for my initial influence since he was a Circuit City manager and always had new tech around the house, but as for outside influences, I'd definitely say Steve Jobs

TheHacker#5039: Hi :acnhrosiewave:. What are some of your favorite jailbreak tweaks?

Right now I'm loving TypingNotifications, Houdini, Hub & HomePlus. I have a Top tweaks video coming soon with a lot more though :wink:

jemes#5573: do you prefer modern jailbreaks like unc0ver or classic jailbreaks like redsn0w and limera1n? any reasons why?

Probably the classic jailbreaks. Idk if it's just the nostalgia bias or not, but those older jailbreaks were very stable, some were untethered (the best) and you never had "revokes" to worry about. I think tweak development is far better now though

MacLogical#6519: What do you think of Apple improving the iPad lineup in terms of making it a laptop replacement?

Good question & I think about this a lot. I think it just depends on the user because some will say that the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard is a laptop replacement right now. And I can't disagree, because maybe that person is a student and only does web browsing, note taking, Netflix & light gaming. You don't need a laptop for that, especially when you have the full keyboard and portability of the iPad. But on the other end of the spectrum, for people like myself who edits video & audio, has numerous windows open, Photoshop, etc..I don't think an iPad can ever replace a laptop. With that being said, some of the ways I think Apple can get closer to the "laptop replacement" tier for me are: Final Cut Pro on iPadOS, actual Photoshop, better multitasking & possibly an even bigger screen.

Ryonbread#0344: How long does it take you to compile all the small changes that you put in your ios beta videos?

When I install a new update, I go through every section in settings compared to a device on the previous version & take note of any changes, test out performance, bluetooth, CarPlay and a few other things. It can take anywhere from 30 mins to a couple hours, just depends on how big or small the update is

Gamer Chris #5756: If you could release a dream phone, what would it be? How would it look, internals, etc?

Ooh good question :thinking: . It would have to be an iPhone lookalike because that's just simply the best look on a phone imo. It'd have a bezel-less 6.1" OLED display with no notch, a quad-camera setup with incredible night mode, Deep Fusion-quality photos, 8k video, 16GB of RAM, 2TB storage & 3-4 day battery life...while only weighing 150g. Oh, and only costing $1099. :drooling_face:

jemes#5573: do you look up to any other youtubers? if so, who and what about them inspired you?

Definitely! I have mad respect for Filip (EAP) and Marques (MKBHD) and those are 2 of my biggest inspirations. Filip proved to me that having a career on YouTube doing exactly what I do now is possible. That changed everything for me back in 2017 when I decided to treat YT as a business. Very cool guy too. And Marques is just Marques. Dude is amazing in every way. I get inspired by his B-roll, his constantly evolving camera quality and his chill presence on camera.

ZzHacker-#0751: Brandon, is their any jailbreak tweaks that really make your iPhone stand out from others?

I get questioned a lot about Photon..I think it's a pretty slick lockscreen tweak. And the ones I mentioned earlier are also what I think make it stand out. I need to use my jailbroken phone more though, so ask again in a week or 2 and I'll have some new tweaks to mention lol

Ymerix#5109: Does an iPhone SE (2016) worth in 2020?

I'd say no, unless you just ONLY have below $75 to spend. I would save up for either a used XR or the SE 2, those are the 2 best value iPhones on the market right now

Ymerix#5109: Do you use HomeKit. If yes, what is your « setup », and which feature or device is missing on. If no, why you doesn’t use it?

I use HomeKit but my new home came equipped with non-HomeKit smart devices (alarm, doorbell, locks, etc), so I'm still transitioning to a full HomeKit setup. Right now it's just my HomePod and some lights lol

X_Chill_Billy_X#0280: Do you remember your first YouTube video and what was it about?

Yep! I only remember because it's still up on my channel! It's a review of the tweak "stack" and the video is awful :joy:

Referee#1536: What are your favorite free tweaks?

MsgSwap, Houdini, Barrel, StickAround, RealCC, Tap Tap Lock..to name a few

Referee#1536: Thanks for answering our questions! What is your favorite Apple product that Apple sells today? What about all time?

No problem! My favorite Apple product of all time is actually one that's sold now: the AirPods (Pro). I use them every single day and couldm

Referee#1536: Do you know of any TypeStatus alternatives since it hasn't been updated to work with iOS 13?

TypingNotifications. It's in beta though and may not work on 13.5

Bedsheet#7523: Do you plan on making or co-creating some sort of tweak in the future?

Not at the moment! I do plan on creating something else in the future though :eyes:

RealJoseph123#0001: Have you any tips or anything for file management and basically digital organization?

On the iPhone or just in general? I'm a big fan of cloud services, so I back everything on my computer up using Time Machine and BackBlaze + I have all of my important files saved onto external hard drives. I like to structure my folders like this: [year] > [month] > [content type] > [content] & I never have any icons on my desktop (clutter). That has really helped me stay organized on the desktop side of things. For my iPhone/iPad, I use a lot of folders, remove apps I don't use no matter how small they are in size, and limit my pages to 3. Hope that somewhat answered your question

End of AMA. Message by tank#0001

Big thank you to @Brandon Butch#8460 for taking time out of his busy schedule and attending this AMA. We're glad to have hosted you, and are yet to see such brilliantly detailed answers from our AMA Guests! You can follow Brandon on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpZy-Hfqcxf-R7nQzlv9Bvw, or one of his social links below.

End of AMA.Final message by Brandon Butch#8460

If you guys want to ask any questions in the future, feel free to reach out at https://twitter.com/BrandonButch or https://instagram.com/BrandonButch