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Last updated 29/05/20
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Final AMA

Guest: Gregory McFadden

tank#0001: Hi Greg! Hope you're holding up well in quarantine. How did you get started in tech? What drew you in? Industry influences? Did you always know you were going to do tech?

Thank you, I am doing well enough even being in one of the hardest hit states right now. I've been interested in technology for basically as long as I can remember. My parents tell me I was playing Atari and Nintendo consoles with my other siblings at basically the age of 2 and I was better at it then them too! I was also drawn very heavily into the first computer I ever used which was the original 1998 iMac. I can still vividly remember bringing that computer home with my dad, plugging it in, connecting an ethernet cable, getting a popup that said we won something, and clicking on it... yeah good thing we had a Mac. I got started covering tech after I graduated college with a History degree (whoops) and I started doing my own coverage because I was unhappy with a lot of the other opinions people were expressing at the time. I have a lot of influences, probably too many to name, but my biggest ones are Walt Mossberg, Jonathan Morrison, and Rene Ritchie

Demon#4219: Hi Greg hope you're doing well. how did you started in tech?

My first piece of coverage was an unboxing of the first apple watch. I was extremely excited in the technology, and even though I had plans to enter the space for a long time, it was the first product that motivated me to cover technology. I was super excited to use a "phone like device" on my wrist, and was drawn in also by the idea that it could help monitor my activity. I weighed close to 300 pounds at the time of that unboxing, and over the years of wearing the device I managed to lose around over 100 pounds with it. Obviously, I started to cover other pieces of technology as well, from iPhone releases, Macs, iPads, and anything else that interests me.

dachshunddad#1903: Do you think the SE Plus will come out next year?

All the rumors seem to indicate that they will be releasing one next year due to the unfortunate production delays because of Covid-19. Also, Jon Prosser reported on this and his leaks lately have been pretty accurate. I have no inside information, but I also have no reason to disbelieve these reports. So yes, I think so!

jere#0010: Hey Greg, hope you’re having a great day! Do you think Apple might release a 14 inch MacBook Pro after it wasn’t released earlier?

Yup. A lot of reliable reports seem to indicate that they are working on a 14" version, and shrinking the bezels on the device is the bare minimum Apple can do to refresh those laptops. I think Apple was hoping to have mini-led display technology ready for the next MacBook refresh, but again due to Covid-19 issues, they had to push those plans back. I think the 13" release is basically them trying to get the new magic keyboard in every model ASAP. As for my selfish MacBook Pro 14" opinion, I really hope they make it slightly heavier and thicker with better thermals (like the 16 inch) and also include the option for dedicated graphics.

Pontus#0238: Hello! What is your favorite apple product?

Favorite Apple product of all time is the original iMac. It was the first Apple product I've ever used and opened up my eyes to the world of computing. It's the first device where I edited video for the first time too, even though I didn't really start doing anything with that until later in my life. My favorite Apple Product right now is the Apple Watch. I credit it with helping me lose 100 pounds, and I love what Apple is doing with all the health related features. High Heart rate notifications, ECG, Fall detection, and personal fitness, I can't count the number of stories I've read where someone's life was saved by the Apple Watch. I'm super excited for the future of the product too, and i'm really looking forward to some of the rumored mental health features that could possibly help with mental health and dealing with anxiety.

Herr Dryer #8588: Hey Greg! Do you think apple might move to making all macbookpros 16inch?

If you mean reducing the bezels on all models, then yes. If you mean literally stop selling all the MacBook models except the 16 inch in the next 5 years, then that's a big no! Apple's best selling laptops are the smaller 13" size, and I believe the MacBook Air is probably their best selling laptop right now. So if anything, from a sales standpoint, it would make more sense to get rid of the 16 inch.

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: What would you want the 12 Pro/11S Pro special color to be?

Ooo... interesting question. If i could choose any color, I think i'd go for either a special six color edition of the phone with the rainbow colors of the Apple logo or a throwback to the iMac and release it in a "Bondi Blue" color.

619 WWE FAN #6138: What’s up Greg? As a fellow Apple fan, I remember back in the mid 2000s when apples iPod was a dynasty, they reported like 75% of the market share for units sold in the MP3 market. As successful as iPhone has been, it never reached anywhere near that similar market share level the iPod reached. In your opinion, why do you think this was the case?

Great question! I think it was because Apple was a lot earlier to market with the iPod relative to the mp3 market. Cellphones were around for a long time before the iPhone, and smartphones were too. So it was harder to get that initial boost in marketshare because they were later to the game. I also think other MP3 players were super confusing and had atrocious user interfaces that made them even harder to use than earlier cellphones. They were also quicker to release iPods in lower price ranges with products like the iPod Mini, Nano, and shuffle... something that Apple didn't even attempt until the iPhone 5c.

Referee#1536: Hey Greg! Thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Here’s mine: with unc0ver v5.0.0 / v.5.0.1 being released, what’s your stance on jailbreaking? Have you jailbroken your phone? If so, what are your favorite tweaks? Do you have any security concerns?

This is where i'll show my lack of deep technological sophistication. As much as I like technology, i've never been that much of a tinkerer. So i've personally have never jailbroken my iPhone, as it seems you have to jump through a lot of pain points to get a working user experience (one of the reasons why I usually like Apple's approach to consumer technology) If I did, I would have security concerns, and I don't really have a good enough understanding of the jail breaking community to have a good opinion on it, but I do believe that when you purchase a device, it's yours - you can do whatever you want with it as long as you are ok with no longer getting software or warranty support from Apple.

619 WWE FAN #6138: Let’s say hypothetically, you cannot do any tech related videos anymore (not video games either). What other types of videos would you post instead on YouTube?

I would start a parody comedy channel and poke fun at all the things I don't like with the current YouTube culture. Basically anything that's usually on the trending page, i'd make of it, as well as all the needless drama that's usually associated with those bigger channels.

Referee#1536: What top 5 or 10 features do you want to see on iOS 14?

1. Picture-in-Picture support - iPad has it and the modern iPhone displays are big enough to have it. 2. Smarter Siri - I think Siri is really an important piece of Apple's future, and I value how committed they are to on device privacy, which is why I want to see them make a virtual assistant that is as good as google assistant without needing to harvest your data. 3. Third party apps as defaults - I have a few task manager, calendar applications that I would love to setup as the default. 4. Split Screen - Don't want it as bad as PiP, I rarely use it on Android, but especially on the bigger iPhones, it would be nice to have sometimes. 5. Reliability & Optimization- Technically not a feature, but the iOS 13 release was really buggy, and I really hope that Apple is doubling down on making sure iOS 14 is as smooth as possible

MacLogical#6519: When Apple launches the iPhone 12, will the 11 (including the pro and pro max) be discontinued?

I think the pro phones will be discontinued, but I can see them keeping the 11 around and discontinuing the XR in the current lineup. So I'd expect the iPhone 11 to stay in the lineup at $599

Mr Tech Boi #8739: Ok so since I can ask again I guess I will! What kind of foods do you regularly eat and why?

All kinds! I love to go out and try all sorts of new foods. My favorite places to go out to eat are usually Korean or Japanese restaurants in my area, and being from Jersey I love taylor ham on a breakfast sandwich. As for daily foods i eat a lot of, it would be plain greek yogurt, apples, grapefruit, turkey, blueberries, cheese, nuts, oh and lots of cups of black coffee.

AFUMETTO#2430: Hey Greg! Here’s my question. Do you think that watchOS 7 will supported on series 2 models and later or since they’re selling series 3 and series 5 watchOS will be supported on series 3 and later models?

I don't think watchos7 will be supported on the series 2 watch. As when they initially released watchos6 for the series 2, support didn't launch alongside the other apple watches. So i think this year it's just not going to happen. With that being said, i think series 3, 4, and 5 will all support watchos7.

Saran#3234: Do you think Apple Glass has a chance of replacing the iPhone in the near future or just end up being another accessory to it like the Apple Watch?

I personally don't see a near future where any sort of augmented reality takes over physical devices completely. Not because I don't believe in the technology, I do and I'm looking forward to it, but I think the human brain is wired to interact with a physical device. So in the near future, I see AR as being another accessory that accompanies the iPhone, not something that will replace it. But say in 20 years down the line, if we can replicate physical touch through some sort of technology, I could see it eventually replacing the need for an actual, physical phone.

Referee#1536: You mentioned earlier that your favorite Apple product right now is the Apple Watch. Going off of that, what top 5 or 10 features do you want to see on watchOS 7?

1. Sleep Tracking - Obviously the easiest one to answer and the big hanging fruit right now. I personally use a sleep tracking app called autosleep, but I would love to see a better native solution from Apple. 2. Independence - Not sure if this can be done through a software update, but I think the current Apple Watch Series 5 is good enough to operate as its own independent device that isn't completely attached to the iPhone. I'm sure there would be more limited functionality for users who don't have an iPhone, but if they can let you setup the watch on your own and at least use the health features, and basic functionality, I think it will sell a ton. 3. Third Party watch faces - Not sure what's the hangup here, but I think it would be cool to allow third party watch faces on the app store. Watches are fashion accessories as well, and now that the series 5 has an always on display, it's more important than ever to be able to express your personal style with a custom watchface. 4. Calorie Tracking - There's already some third party apps that do this like myfitnesspal, but again i'd like to see Apple take a first party approach on this. Nutrition is just as important, if not more so, then actual exercise. You could manage it via iPhone too, but having how many calories you ate as another ring on your apple watch would also be cool. 5. Not a feature apple can really add, but maybe more incentive for third parties to make apps for the watch again. The first Apple Watch was painfully slow and apps like instagram and twitter didn't stand a chance of succeeding with that hardware, the current hardware is really good and I'd love to see a lot of third party apps that ditched apple watch support initially take another crack at it

End of AMA. Message by tank#0001

Big thank you to @GregsGadgets#1825 for taking time out of his busy schedule and attending this AMA. We're glad to have hosted you, and are yet to see such brilliantly detailed answers from our AMA Guests! You can follow Greg on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoi3Uk6JtP9QgA5BRwnh6NQ, or one of his social links below.

End of AMA. Final message by GregsGadgets#1825

Thanks again for having me and letting me answer your questions! There were a lot of good ones here, and I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to ask them. Hopefully it was as enjoyable for you as it was for me, and most importantly I hope I provided some good answers to your questions. If you’re not sick of me yet, you can find my videos at: https://youtube.com/gregsgadgets. Look at my food pics at https://instagram.com/gregsgadgets. Oh and follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/gregorymcfadden