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Last updated 29/05/20
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Final AMA

Guest: Matthew Moniz

jere#0010: Hey Matthew! Hope you’re having a great day and staying safe :heart: Do you think Apple could release a refreshed MacBook Pro 14 inch model?

I'm doing great and I hope you are too! I don't think we will see a refresh of the MacBook Pro 13 as a 14" until end of year or early next when Intel releases their Tiger lake CPUS. I'm hoping it will come with the rumoured Mini-LED displays!

Eli#3333: Hi Matthew! What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming WWDC?

I'm looking forward to big improvements surrounding iPadOS. Like possibly bringing Xcode over and potentially Final Cut Pro! I think that would change the game for a lot of people!

tank#0001: Hi Matthew! Hope you're holding up well in quarantine. How did you get started in tech? What drew you in? Industry influences? Did you always know you were going to be in tech?

I'm doing well and I hope you are too! I got started in tech at a very young age. My dad ran a Graphic Design company that used all Macs so I was influenced early. Later on my cousin introduced me into PC Building. After that it was an addiction! I couldn't get enough of it, hence why I'm still so passionate about it today

Referee#1536: Hey Matthew! Thanks for answering our questions. By now you’ve probably heard that you can jailbreak iOS 13.5 and under. Have you jailbroken your phone? If so, what are your favorite tweaks? Do you have any thoughts on jailbreaking in general?

I've heard! Snazzy Labs did a cool video on it. I used to be HUGE into Jailbreaking in the early days but now I just want my phone to work. I do think it's important though as it introduces so many potential awesome features that could be part of iOS in the future!

AFUMETTO#2430: Hi Matthew! What is the top 5 new features which do you expect in watchOS 7 ?

1. A native app for sleep tracking 2. Parental Controls for my kids 3. I'd like to see watchos open up more and allow other apps to do things like stream music using cellular instead of just the native Apple apps. 4. Improved efficiencies to help with battery life and 5. Custom watch faces!

Referee#1536: How much screen time do you spend on your phone a day?

Usually a lot! But since I'm mostly in front of the computer now due to quarantine my screen time is less on the phone. For example, it's 3:50 PM and I have 2hrs and 8 mins of screen on time! This is drastically down = )

₥Ɇ₲₳₱łӾⱠɆ#6723: Hey Matthew! What do you want to see on the iPhone 12?

This is PURELY subjective but I'm mostly excited about the new screen sizes. I always stick with the Pro models and I find the 11 Pro to be a bit to small and the Pro Max to be a bit too big. I'm looking forward to seeing the smaller Pro get a bigger display. As for features, promotion for sure. It's one thing I enjoy on some of the new Android phones that a lot of Apple users will appreciate it. It's not a must but a nice have. Besides that, it's hard to say phones are so mature now that we are on a very small iterative cycle of updates

Elon Kerman #2408: What do you think of the Microsoft surface book 3?

Funny you mention the Surface Book 3. Mine just came in today. I've always been a Surface fan but the Surface Book 3 is super niche. I'll have a video on it shortly = ) stay tuned!

Pontus#0238: What is your favorite Apple product?

Tough one! But I'd say the Apple Watch. Quick unlocking of your device, only device i need with headphones when I run. It's underestimated.

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: If you had to recommend a 3 piece Apple starter pack, what would it include?

iPhone 11, Apple Watch and AirPods!

Referee#1536: What is your favorite sub-$500 Windows laptop that you would recommend to other people?

Acer Swift 3 or sometimes even the iPad Air depending on the persons workflow

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Could you see Apple making a mass market foldable anytime soon, or do you feel they’ll just skip over foldables entirely?

I don't think they'll make one anytime soon. As fun and cool as they are they really dont provide anything new or change the way we do things. I think its one of those things that Apple's probably testing internally but will not bring to market unless it can fill a new role or do a previous role better.

Elon Kerman #2408: MacBook Pro 13 inch 10th gen i7 or surface book 3?

Depends on your workflow! For myself, and designer, they would be better suited with the Surface Book 3. However, I think developers would prefer the MacBook Pro 13. I'd need more context on your personal workflow to help you with that decision

Referee#1536: Would you rather have to only eat your top 5 favorite foods, or never eat your top 5 favorite foods for the rest of your life?

Eat my top 5 favourite foods. I can eat the same thing everyday and still get excited! haha

xlite#1709: OnePlus made a OnePlus 8 with mmWave 5G capability for Verizon. Samsung sells mmWave 5G capable S20 (Verizon), S20+, and S20 Ultra in the USA Only for what it seems like. (Korean and Canadian Models seem to lack mmWave?) Do you think Apple will make different iPhones for different markets due to 5G. Maybe mmWave for Verizon but not for T-Mobile like OnePlus did but globally. ?

It's definitely possible. China gets dual-sim iPhone. It's possible some markets will get different variants of 5G connectivity

tank#0001: Do you think Apple's taking the right steps by allegedly pushing a Homepod "mini"?

I think it makes sense. Apple pushing services more then ever and a more affordable Homepod mini is a way to get those services into your home using Siri. Now Siri on the other hand needs to better. For a company that introduced voice assistance before most other major platforms they are SIRIously behind. Sorry couldn't help it. #dadjokes

Eli#3333: How do you feel about the possibility of an ARM based future for Macs? How do you think companies will respond?

It needs to happen. Apple is dying to get out under the grip of Intel and their own ARM based architecture is the way to do it. We are at the point that Apple's ARM chips are on par if not faster then some ultrabooks. It will give them more vertical integration with the hardware which increases optimization efficiencies with software. Microsoft is starting to play with it too. I think we should see an ARM based MacBook sometime next year.

Mako#4831: Do you think apple is okay in making you get battery replacements from apple or else it will refuse to show battery data?

I think you should be able to get it wherever you want. However, if you decide to get it from a non apple service center the software should warn you but still show you battery data.

meister#2902: Hi Matt! Do you think app developers need to focus on optimising their apps for Android flagships so that they work as well when compared to iOS?

Hey Meister! It's harder for Android developers to offer that kind of optimization. They have to develop for 4.2 billion different Android phones with different screen sizes and hardware. iOS developers don't have that issue since all the hardware is made or controlled by Apple.

Eli#3333: What is your opinion on Apple TV+? What do you think it needs to succeed in the streaming market?

Content. Lots of it! Just like Netflix, Apple has to pour money into creating interesting shows and movies to win users over. I think they initially dumped 6 billion into its lineup but they need to increase that to 15-20 billion to be on par with Netflix. I'm sure this pandemic definitely is having a toll on their production schedule. As of right now the service is not as interesting as Disney+, Prime Video or Netflix since they have a massive backlog of content to consume while things are on hold

TorchAtlas#8962: One possible future for computing involves operating systems being more "locked-down". We're starting to see this with Windows 10X and iPadOS not allowing system file access. It seems like companies (maybe) think locked-down operating systems like this are the future. What do you think of this trend?

I have mixed feelings. For the average user it might make things easier but for "professionals" that need granular controls it will only create hurdles. We see that with iPadOS right now and how sometimes you have to jump through hoops to do the simplest of things that are seamless on a desktop computer. I think they need to find the perfect balance.

End of AMA. Message by tank#0001

Big thank you to @Matthew Moniz for taking time out of his busy schedule and attending this AMA. We're glad to have hosted you, and are yet to see such brilliantly detailed answers from our AMA Guests! You can follow Matthew on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVlMUh4WsDQvOxCJJXmWwdw, or one of his social links below.

End of AMA. Final message by mattymo#9453

Thank you everyone for having me on! It was nice to get to know some of you and answer your questions! You can always ask me anything by reaching me on https://www.twitter.com/mattmoniz or pinging me on https://discord.gg/mattmoniz