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Last updated 21/05/20
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Final AMA

Guest: Andrew Erickson

tank#0001: Hey Andrew! How did you get started in tech? What drew you in? Did you always know what you wanted to do?

I’ve been into tech ever since I was little probably just from my Dad having lots of iMacs for his work (he’s a teacher)

Saran#3234: Hey Andrew, just curious haha, but what would you have done if YouTube didn’t take off?

Probably become a lineman, or continued working at the Mandarin Ranch I worked at before this

Ryonbread#0344: Just curious on what you think the future of 3d touch will look like? Would it ever come back?

Nah I don’t think it’s coming back

Michael L.#0712: What is your favorite thing about discord?

Being able to get into long discussions with people

Shrung#5902: Hey Drew, when do you think iPads will become an option that most people will buy over laptops?

For sure! For many people we’re already there

iamchaosmikey#8894: How excited are you for an ARM MacBook?

Super excited! Thinking about not getting another MBP if the ARM Mac is cool enough

A13#4935: Hey Andrew, would you say the Always on Display on the S5 has given the watch what it always needed? Or is there another feature you would like to see?

I don’t think so. The raise to wake of the Series 4 worked pretty well for me already, by the time I tried the Series 5 the AOD felt redundant

SurajDaBest l EN#9473: Hey drew what’s your favorite show to watch at the moment?

I’ve seen it 10 times already but I’m still watching the office lol

Pontus#0238: What is your favorite type of mac?

I love my iMac Pro but I’m sad it hasn’t been updated much. If I had to get a Mac today I’d probably get a 16” MBP

Ymerix#5109: What Apple product are you most looking for?

iPhone 12 Pro Max sounds pretty insane. Fingers crossed for 120hz! :fingers_crossed_tone2:

BigChungus#9904: Hey drew. Do you think apple is to reliant on their ecosystem?

I don’t think so, I think the ecosystem sets them apart from competitors that makes them so hard to compete with

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Do you feel that the 2020 13" MBP was a let down (mainly not going to 14")?

I do. It didn’t get the same treatment the 16” MBP got. Wish it would have

tank#0001: Do you think the Apple Glass will be a success? "Revolutionary"?

They’ll be mocked a lot at first. Everyone will have a hard time seeing the point and everyone will hate it, but eventually it will change the entire smartphone industry for sure

Drew#1177: Do you consider the HomePod to be a failure?

Financially probably. But the people I know who have one really seem to enjoy it

AgentYoshi#7444: How long will you continue to talk tech for?

In here probably about an hour. In my career probably like 50 years lol

ceoregan#7180: How long do you think it will take for AR glasses to become mainstream?

Hard to say depending on how they price them, could take 3-6 years

Lucas Frazão#8244: Would you like to see AirPods with internal storage for downloading songs without an iPhone or Apple Watch?

Yeah that would be cool! Not sure If I would use them but future AirPods need something to do

Eli#3333: Hey drew! What do you think about the contact tracing app apple and google made? How do you feel about them working together?

I think it makes sense given the gravity of the pandemic. They may compete in many aspects but at the end of the day they both need each other

Grooty#4519: Do you think the mac pro and pro display xdr is a flop or failure?

Given Mac revenue doesn’t seem to be doing that great in the past Earnings Reports I imagine they’re not selling that well

Elon Kerman#2408: What is your favorite past present or future apple product and why?

2018 iPad Pro for sure. So ahead of its time, I’m talking to you all with it right now! Biometrics are awesome, Display is great, Thin, light, fast. I want every Apple Product to be more like the iPad Pro

jxndr1#9567: Do you think Apple will release a cheaper version of AirPods for maybe $80-100 for sport, and will have features like a neckband?

Maybe but I doubt they could get them that cheap. Maybe like $120 but I’ve heard a few rumors of sporty AirPods coming later

jere#0010: Hi Drew, do you expect a 14 inch MacBook Pro coming later on this year? considering that the 13 inch model just dropped earlier this month?

It’s possible, but given the small refresh they just gave it that makes me think they don’t care enough about that MacBook to increase the screen size just another 6 months later

EricRaphSkinner#0552: Will the iPhone 12 be a win or a bust?

I think it could be another Supercycle. New design, competitive pricing, OLED as a standard will bring out a lot of people to upgrade

xlite#1709: What is your opinions on right to repair?

Not someone who repairs my stuff that often so I don’t have many thoughts on the subject

AgentK9#7670: Is there a game that makes you especially nostalgic when you play it?

Probably Minecraft or Age of Empires

tank#0001: If you could work at one company for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

I love working for myself and I hope I can continue to do that haha if not then probably Apple or Tesla

AgentYoshi#7444: Do you think Apple would ever move to every other year releases for iPhones?

Not with the iPhone upgrade program. I don’t think they could

A13#4935: Do you think the iPad Pro bending is blown out of proportion?

I think so. Apple hasn’t changed the design and it hasn’t seem to impact the sales or customer satisfaction

Elon Kerman#2408: Who is your favorite leaker and other Apple Youtubers? Also who is your favorite Tesla youtubers?

CoinX is my favorite leaker, I don’t watch many tech channels pretty much just MKBHD. I watch a lot of Tesla channels like Tech Forum, Dirty Tesla, Ryan Shaw Tech, i1Tesla, and more I can’t think of

jxndr1#9567: For $400, would it be better to get a new iPhone SE or a used iPhone X?

It probably comes down to which UI you prefer. For me personally I love Face ID and gesture control so I’d go with a Used iPhone X but if you like Touch ID and the home button better go for an SE

EricRaphSkinner#0552: iPhone XS -> IPhone 12 Pro. Is that worth the upgrade?

I think so for sure. But worth is subjective. Only upgrade if you can comfortably afford it

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Do you think iPhones will continue to hold such a high resale value with the updates being a bit more iterative (6, 6s, 7, 8) (X, XS, 11 Pro)?

Yeah I think the main reason they retain their resale value is Apple updates them for years after they stop selling them. So resale value should stay the way it has been

A13#4935: Do you think in the next version of AirPods will give the user more control over ANC? Like controlling how much sound it blocks out?

They could do that via software update now but I think Apple prefers the simplicity of just ANC or Transparency mode. I rarely find myself needing something in between

Elon Kerman#2408: What inspired you to become a YouTuber?

Watching a ton of other YouTube channels growing up. Seemed fun to become your own channel and just make whatever you want and get paid for it. Combination of iCarly, Eddsworld and Dom Fera

Southpaw#1496: How much better is the iPhone SE compared to the 8?

If you care about camera performance pretty substantial given you have portrait mode on both cameras with the SE, other than that not much

Patek Philippe#4643: Do you think apple sometime, like maybe in 2022 (iPhone 13) or 2024 (iPhone 14), will take away the speakers and instead vibrate the display to generate/create sound?

If they found a way to do it that sounded better, but I don’t think they will personally

UnitedNations#9232: Do you think Apple would hire you?

Idk why they would I’m just good at making YouTube videos. Not sure what that skill could apply in their company

Drew#1177: Do you use the ultra wide lense on your 11 Pro Max?

A lot more than I thought I would yeah

Zach Hicks#0936: After all this time and Apple’s unequivocal success, why do you think it is still so popular to hate on Apple products and proclaim their doom?

Apple is super well known, and super easy to make fun of so they’ll always be an easy target

joshh#8502: Do you think Apple will one day find a way to kill the hackintosh forever?

ARM Macs should make it really hard to build Hackintoshes

Jim#3172: Do you think apple will come out with another iMac Pro? or was it a one-off product they won't revisit?

Sadly it feels like more and more they don’t care about updating it and likely just released it as a placeholder for the Mac Pro

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Do you think the firmware issues with AirPods Pro were blow out of proportion?

I think they were justified a lot of people seemed to be real upset. I didn’t have any issues myself tho

xlite#1709: What are your opinions on Low, Mid, and mmWave 5G? Which US Carrier do you think will come out on top in the near future from 5G?

I think 5G is overrated and unnecessary for things we do on our phones. Most of it feels like marketing tricks to get people to upgrade or pay more for their cell plan. Verizon seems to have the fastest 5G but T Mobile has the most 5G. (Tho their version pretty much is the same speeds as 4G so I don’t see the point)

A13#4935: Are you happy with the pricing of the 16" MBP? Would you recommend it to a college student who doesn't mind the bigger size?

I think it’s fairly priced compared to competitors. Not sure what classes you’re taking require a machine that powerful but it’s a solid Mac through and through

Eli#3333: What do you think about the leaks surrounding Apple Glasses? Could it be the next largely influential product for apple?

I’m really excited to hear it’s around the corner. This is the next big category for Apple and it will probably be the biggest launch since the Apple Watch. Very influential

EricRaphSkinner#0552: What is your favorite apple product excluding your iPhone?

2018 iPad Pro is my favorite even including the iPhone

Drew#1177: Do the AirPods Pro start to hurt your ear canals after wearing them for extended periods?

A little bit yeah, AirPods 2 seem to fit more comfortably but I still love using my AirPods Pro when mowing the lawn or on a plane.

Logan#4855: I was talking with my father about if phones did shift to fully wireless, could there be rooms that would charge your phone wirelessly or something along those lines so we wouldn’t have pads held to our phones late at night watching your videos?

That technology has been rumored forever and still never made it into consumer products. I think it’s easily 5-10 years off and won’t be coming out soon

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: What would your ideal 3 device Apple starter pack would you suggest to someone?

iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch are a solid foundation that all work together really well and makes you appreciate the ecosystem

A13#4935: Would you recommend an upgrade to the S5 from an S3 or just wait until the Series 6?

I’d say wait for Series 6 if you can but if not look around for some discounted Series 4s. I see them going for real cheap these days

Eli#3333: With smartphone cameras getting better by the year, do you see smartphones replacing DSLR's for professional photography?

Not for a long long time. Smartphones are getting real good but still most of what they do is computational trying to mimic what DSLR’s do for real. I shoot a lot of stuff on my iPhone and it’s still miles behind what real cameras can actually do

EricRaphSkinner#0552: Is it worth it to upgrade from a Apple Watch S3 to a S6?

Sure! The display alone will be worth it

Jim#3172: What do you think apple’s next big innovation will be?

Apple Glass for sure

Drew#1177: Would you personally use the upcoming 5.4 inch iPhone 12?

I may get one to review for my channel but it won’t become my Daily Driver. I’m all about that iPhone 12 Pro max. Need that bigger display

Michael L.#0712: Will you do future AMA’s on like your stuff or other people’s stuff?

Not on my own discord but I try to make time for other’s if they ask

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Will you do future AMA’s on like your stuff or other people’s stuff?

Not on my own discord but I try to make time for other’s if they ask

TheHacker#5039: Do you think 4 iPhones in the Fall is too many?

Not really. There’s so many people buying phones with different tastes and styles that having a more diverse lineup seems logical

Jim#3172: What would you do if apple did something that was 100% unexpected and unlike apple, like for example bringing out a gaming console?

I kinda would love that at this point

nculli#5959: Do you think Apple will even be the first company to go portless? I know a few small ones have, but I’m mainly talking about the big competitors (Samsung, 1+, Google) ?

Probably the first mainstream company to do it

Apple Support#0102: What new hobbies have you picked up while in quarantine?

Just more work mostly

Logan#4855: This isn’t a rumor, but with smartphone innovation leveling out, should companies like Apple keep iPhone keynotes to at least every other year? It would give some time for imagining new ideas and implementing them so when it does come out, there’s more people willing to upgrade?

With IPhone upgrade program I think Apple is expecting people to upgrade annually still

EricRaphSkinner#0552: Do you have a favorite show ?

The Office for comedy, Lost or Better Call Saul for drama

Steff#9330: What general advice would you give to a person starting a tech YouTube channel ?

Try to make videos you wanna see yourself. Don’t focus on getting views just focus on enjoying the content you make

Fudge#0001: Excited for the 12 series finalized designs soon? The 12 series (d52,d53g,d53p,d54) are going to be entering DVT stage in the next month or so and rumors have told be theres a full CAD of them slowly circulating:) ?

Yeah the new designs look great!

Logan#4855: What would be your favorite third-party utility used most often?

I like Over for video thumbnails

Jim#3172: If apple gave you the ability to Fully design your own phone, to make it Completely fit in with your livestyle. what would you design? How would you make this phone?

I’d be fine with an 11 Pro Max but with 120hz and no charge port

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: What do you want siri to do that it currently can't?

I like the continuity of conversations Google Assitant has, as well as the search results being built in. Siri should get more like GA

Joshh#1053: What macbook pro thunderbolt hubs do you recommend or is it hard to go wrong?

I use the Qac Qoc which has worked well for me

EricRaphSkinner#0552: Do you wish the MacBook Pro had legacy ports? I know this is silly but it is worth it?

Not really I’m kinda all in on USBC

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: When do you think the iMac will go all thunderbolt?

Not for another 4-5 years probably

Shrung#5902: What if the macbook pro had just lightning instead of usb-c?

Nah lightning is dated and USBC is the way to go

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Is your wife still using the iPhone 6?

Nope! Mint sent us an iPhone SE so she uses that now

Logan#4855: I’ve seen a few people in another Apple-themed discord that talked about if MacBooks (or any mac for that matter.) used Apple-designed chips, it’d become a glorified iPad with an irremovable keyboard. I don’t agree at all, but I wanted to know your input on that?

I think redesigning macOS to be ARM friendly will result in just more powerful Macs with very little thermal issues

Drew#1177: Why do you think Apple passed on putting USB-C in the phone? Is it purely the ‘lightning money’?

I wish they wouldn’t. Maybe the market is so large now they’re scared of making all the accessories obsolete

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Do you think iPads and Macs will eventually share an OS?

Nah I think Apple likes keeping them separate

CoolTheConqueror#2044: When your using Discord on your iPad are you using the app or the website, both versions have advantages and disadvantages I feel?

I use the app it seems to work well

xlite#1709: What are your opinions on YouTube Creators choosing to stream on Twitch over YouTube?

I stream on twitch myself. It’s a much better platform for live streaming and I think it’s good for all creators to diversify their presence on multiple platforms

8BitMatt#2661: When do you think the Apple Watch will become independent of the iPhone - S6, some time in the next few years, or never?

Honestly I think maybe never. The Apple Watch would be harder to setup without an iPhone and I think making it independent would make the user experience worse

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Do you want home screen widgets on the iPhone?

Sure that would be nice. Not sure which ones I’d use but I’m up for some more customization options

Joshh#1053: Would you consider joining an early access platform like Floatplane or does it not fit your tech channel release schedule?

I just don’t have the time to or resources to start branching out onto other paltforms

Jim#3172: Do you think apple will bring out a high tier VR headset rivalling the valve index?

No I think Apple sees AR as the future and VR as a more of a small niche of the PC gaming market

Tanner#0002: For the longest time one negative part of the tech community has been how hostile people have treated those who use other platforms (especially in the mobile space). Do you feel that this has gotten any better lately and what do you think may eventually make this less of an issue going into the future?

Sadly no. I think it always has been a problem and it always will be. People are people, and many will always turn things into sports where we yell at each other for things that don’t really matter. All comes down to personal preferences and opinions. Best we can do is try to respect each other’s opinions

A13#4935: Do you think Apple will change the Apple watch band design? So older bands won't be compatible anymore?

I really hope not, I’m glad they’re kept them compatible so far, hopefully that means they wont’ change it for a long long time

CoolTheConqueror#2044: I've seen the homepod at bestbuy for $200 but i'm very curious about the cheaper version, do you think i should wait it out or go ahead and purchase it before it's to late?

If you want one and can afford it go for it. $200 is a good deal for the sound quality you can get out of one, the HomePod mini likely won’t ship til the Fall or sound quite as good

tank#0001: Do you think Apple's taking the right steps by allegedly pushing a Homepod "mini"?

If they want more people buying the HomePod then yes for sure. I think the current HomePod is way too loud and overkill for what most need

End of AMA. Final message by tank#0001

Big thank you to @TailosiveTech#6671 for joining us today! Be sure to check out his channel at https://www.youtube.com/tailosivetech !