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Final AMA

Guest: Mr. Mobile (Michael Fisher)

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: Adore your work! If Apple made a foldable phone, what would it require for you to want to use it?

Thanks for watching! I think it would have to be more customizable than even iOS currently is (with more widgets, and so on). Also, a broader selection of colors couldn't hurt. And if it could be less than $3000, that'd be just tops. :slight_smile:

@306484482867855361: Do you prefer the gesture navigation of iPhone or Android?

Android has a lot of different gesture options depending on which manufacturer you buy from, so while that can be confusing to explain to non-phone geeks ... I prefer it from a personal preference standpoint. I love how you can "do what you want" on Android, even if that means rolling your sleeves up a little to do some custom launchers, etc. That said, the iPhone's gesture approach is outstanding. I think the only people doing it better are Motorola.

Eli#3333: Hey Michael! What do you think about apple moving to ARM? How do you think the transition will go?

I'm not much of a silicon follower, but I'm excited for the possibilities. The Always Connected PCs running on Qualcomm Snapdragon have been very fun to play with in terms of battery life and connectivity, so I'm hopeful for a connected MacBook Pro that'll last a bit longer!

yeems214#3953: Is the AirPods Pro worth getting or should I get something else?

They're excellent. Not flawless - I was having some trouble getting them to connect earlier today - but if you own an Apple product (or a bunch of them) they're kind of a no-brainer. Do cross-shop the Earin M-2s though.

@555478993994907650: What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Gotta be that breakfast burrito, ideally from Friendly Toast (Boston) or from Eagle Trading Co (Brooklyn). So choice.

@541615529656320011: What is the most conflicting review you’ve done till date?

Like, controversial? Probably the LG G2 review at Pocketnow, where I hated it, then retracted it, then fought about it in the comments for like a week. Fun times.

rHyS#8019: What is your honest opinion about the google pixel line-up?

It's my number-one choice for still photos. Taking all cameras and phones into account, in the whole world. I adore that camera, and I think the phone surrounding it is pretty great too. Battery life is atrocious though, and it's always too darn expensive at launch. The Pixel "a" line is much more compelling from a value standpoint.

NotBiased#0467: How long have you been doing technology/been into it?

I've been into tech all my life (thanks, Star Trek!) but I've only been reporting on it since 2011.

Pr0tato#0001: What was your favorite video that you ever made and why?

Currently? The "When Phones Were Fun" episodes are the videos I'm most proud of. But historically ... I really enjoyed going to the sapphire plant in MA for Pocketnow back in 2015 or whenever that was. It was cool learning how that company "grew" artificial sapphire for phone and watch screens.

Emaf#5936: Do you think foldable phones are a concept or do you think it will be mainstream in the future?

People dismiss them as a gimmick, but I firmly believe they're the future. The amount of utility I get out of the Galaxy Fold every week is just ... you can't put a price on it. It's a wonderful wonderful tool. The Z Flip and RAZR aren't as "useful" but they're so much more portable ... and importantly: they're FUN. Phones should still be FUN!

@294451855759769600: At what point will folables be ready for the mainstream, you have said that they are not ready for the average consumer to buy, but what is the barrier? Is it the price, the durability, or the all around practicality?

All three! I think the practicality will be solved soonest: they just need to get a little thinner/lighter. And even the durability concerns are ... well, not overblown, but you only hear about broken foldables. You don't hear the thousands of cases where they work well. I mean I have three in the rotation right now and they're all working fine. So I think the thing that'll really push them into the mainstream is the pricing. Which ... will take a while. Haha

calmYe#0001: How do you feel about the Samsung Galaxt Buds Live AKA "Beans"?on

They're funny lookin' ... but I dig 'em. I like it when companies experiment with new designs. And they look comfy, don't they?

mweinbach#0001: Which company do you trust to make a better foldable phone? Apple or Samsung? Anyone else?

Apple tends to hang back so they can let everyone else make the mistakes first, so I assume the first folding iPhone will be way more reliable than the first Fold was. It's a good strategy.

@685657487600648215: Hello MrMobile! Are you hopeful for Google's upcoming pixel phones?

Hi! I'm always hopeful, but they do always tend to screw something up with those. So we'll see.

@300431291839414275: What is the weirdest/funniest/creepiest product you have been asked to sponsor?

I get a lot of pitches to promote those male hygiene products, and I always have to turn them down because I can't figure out how MrMobile should talk about, like, keeping your junk from chafing. Heh

@220341843315916800: Do you agree with the folks saying that Apple is trying to “steal” android users with the most recent iOS update with widgets, the App Library, and so on?

That back-and-forth will always happen. It's the nature of the business - and, really, all business. You see a good idea out there, you steal it, or at least make an iteration of it that's your own. It goes both ways.

@127930454719463424: Hey Michael! Noticed another question touching on the topic of an Apple foldable, if they did release one, which would you prefer? A flip phone style foldable (like the z flip/razr) or a foldable iPad style phone similar to the Galaxy Fold?

Oooooh! BOTH! Haha. Thing is, they each serve a different kind of customer, so really Apple should pull a Samsung and offer both form factors. They're each useful in their own way.

hot wheels #6060: Do you think the Pixel 5 will have 120hz or a new bezel-less design or do you think it'll just be slightly evolutionary and maybe move from a flagship to a mid-range?

Google never goes hard on the hardware experimentation when it comes to Pixel. I expect something much like we've already seen. Which, like, snoozefest, but I get it.

wheeeeeee#0001: what would you like to see on products like airpods or galaxy buds and other similar earbuds?

Just ... continual refinement to make pairing easier. Bluetooth is still such a mess.

@517896288856047616: Any updates on the SE2's battery life?

None. I carry the 11 Pro Max daily but only for video b-roll, so I'm actually quite under-informed on iPhone battery aging.

OhItsReallyNoah#4759: What hair porducts do you use to get that effortless look?

Ha! It actually takes a lot of effort because my hair is a total jerk and does what it wants without a lot of glue. American Crew Fiber when it's short, Garnier Fructis gel when it's long.

@664261191245496340: Greetings, Mister Fisher: Do you think Apple will ever let up from their crusade to change the game and make a "dumber" iPhone with for people who find themselves overwhelmed and consumed by certain unproductive aspects of the mobile experience, but do not want to trade the form factor of the iPhone to say, a T-9 flip phone?

This is a great idea. I frequently have to talk my older relatives through some iPhone complexities, which they're willing to live with because they don't want to go back to a dumbphone. I'd love to see a Jitterbug-style iPhone or something like that.

@68920231870857216: Gaming has historically been a sore point for MacOS. As someone who is really invested in streaming solutions for Mac, I have explored this topic quite a bit. I'm curious as to your thoughts, what do you think, if anything, the effects of ARM MacOS will have on the gaming and streaming industry as a whole? Could apple dip their toes in and take on the PC gaming market and Streaming domination that windows PC have?

Gosh, I wish I had a more useful answer for you, but my gaming interests lie mostly in late-90s games that run perfectly well on even the lowest-specced PC. :smile: Sorry I can't offer more insight!

@555478993994907650: If Apple contacted you to come up with a name for the next macOS release, what would you name it?

"OSX: LCARS" for sure

@358325195443798020: What is your favorite Apple product?

MacBook Pro 16. What a lovely return to form after years of expensive frustration.

yeems214#3953: What do you think of Sprint after they merged with T-Mobile?

I think they'll be in better hands with T-Mobile's management team. Sprint ... look, they were my employer once so BIAS ALERT but ... they got a lot wrong about the employee and the consumer experience, so I hope T-Mo teaches them a thing or two.

rHyS#8019: do you think the google pixel has a bright future, or do you think google is going to cancel the pixel line-up?

Tough to say. It doesn't seem to be making them any money, and Alphabet has gotten stricter and stricter about that for a few years running. That said, Google still "needs" a platform to demonstrate how it thinks Android should be done – and frankly, I think the smartphone space on the whole needs that too. Manufacturers can really get carried away with modifying Android, and it helps to be able to point to "look, just ... do it like the Pixel. It's better." That's not always true, of course, but you get what I'm saying.

Pr0tato#0001: As a well known Tech YouTuber, what is your advice for those who would like to get into that YouTube community and try to start a channel?

It's hard to start a channel from the ground up in 2020. It takes a lot of time, and it takes a lot of money (usually), and it takes a TON of hard work. So my recommendation to most folks is instead to get hired by a publication and learn the ropes/make your contacts that way. That's what I did with Pocketnow in 2011.

@685657487600648215: First of all, bruh how did you get inside the friendly toast? I live in Boston. Every time I go the line is way too long. Secondly, are you excited for the upcoming surface neo/duo?

Ha! We used to wait outside in the courtyard for like an hour. In the nice weather (so, like two months out of the year) it wasn't bad! Love the F.T. Very excited for the new Surfii! Dual screen phones aren't my favorite form factor but it's so cool to see Microsoft finally bring the Courier to life in some way. I just hope it executes well because there's the potential for a lot of damage to the brand if it goes sideways.

hot wheels #6060: what's your opinion on touch screen macs? Will they kill iPad sales if they ever exist? Or do you think apple would make a surface style device with macOS/iPadOS?


calmYe#0001: How are you replying so rapid/eloquently to so many questions?

Way too much coffee

@541615529656320011: What phone you’d recommend to someone (like millennial dads) who aren’t very tech savvy?

Honestly, it's usually the iPhone – because the people I know tend to already have an Apple device of some kind already (Macbook, iMac, etc) and the ecosystem advantage (as you know!) is real.

@203955535769239552: What do you think of the trend in the computer industry to move towards more locked down systems? Do you think this will be an issue for you? After all, macOS Big Sur is more locked down than ever, and iPadOS is quite locked down. Even Microsoft wants to move towards more locked-down operating systems.?

I dunno, I feel like ... iOS goes way overboard with this, in my opinion. Even with widgets on the homescreen now, you can only deploy them in certain ways. You still can't access the filesystem easily/directly like you can on Android. Etc. Etc. So for geeks like me, Apple stuff tends to be less convenient and I'd be annoyed if other manufacturers followed that trend. But on the flip side: normal folks tend to like having less complication, which arises from a more locked-down system. So I see why manufacturers want to do it. (Also makes it easier to make $ since you get to push people into paid solutions. It's a business at the end of the day.)

@517896288856047616: Do you think it's worth switching from Android to iOS now that iOS 14 is out?

All depends on what your needs are. Why do you want an iPhone? Because you own other Apple products and can benefit from the ecosystem extension? Then totally, yes. If you're just bored of your Android phone, though ... the nice thing about Android is there are 40 million options. :slight_smile:

NotBiased#0467: What do you think of gamer oriented products such as laptops or phones vs regular ones?

Meh. I find mobile games pretty non-compelling on the whole (just my personal opinion) and I've never even come close to, like, OVERHEATING my phone by gaming it to death, so I have a hard time seeing the point of gaming phones with fans, etc. I like what Razer was doing: big speakers, first to rapid refresh displays, RGB fun with the logo ... I feel like those guys were walking the perfect line between too much and not enough ... but then they gave up. So that sucks.

@691767185973968937: How do you feel about the OnePlus Nord?

Looks cool, but on the whole, I'm much less entranced by generic-looking slab phones than ever before, so.

yeems214#3953: Out of all the phones that you have reviewed on “When Phones Were Fun” series, what phone is the one you least liked?

Gotta be that Nokia 5510. What a dog of a design. I get that it was 2001, but ... :face_vomiting:

rHyS#8019: what is your smartphone you are using currently and why did you choose it?

I use a Galaxy Fold during the week, and on weekends or on the evenings I swap into a Galaxy Z Flip or a Motorola Razr. Reasons: -I genuinely love foldables -I love carrying rare devices so I can talk to strangers who (as they always do) ask me about them -I need to evaluate how they age over time for my "Into The Fold" series, since they're too expensive/niche for most other reviewers to cover long-term -again, I freakin' love foldables

@294451855759769600: Thoughts on the iPad pro, and will you ever do a review on the iPad as a laptop(with magic keyboard), it has been in many of your videos as a guest, but is there any reason why it has never seemed to make it to center stage?

Good question! I love the iPad Pro, and I have for years. I always buy one with the intention of reviewing it, but it tends to debut at the same time as a lot of phones, and because I get early access to the phones, but not the iPad (or any Apple product) I need to prioritize the other stuff for competitive reasons. So I push the iPad back and back and back and then ... I never get around to it. But it shows up in my Everyday Carry videos, etc. Maybe I'll eventually review this one. Should I?

184781690160283650: What are some past shortcomings you're hoping the Pixel 5 will rectify before release?

They better make the darn thing last longer than half a day. And pro tip, Google: wide angle cameras + machine learning photo processing = good times

Eli#3333: What do you think about the "race" to 5G happening amongst the major carriers in the US? Will it be a major success, or is this just another standard that won't majorly affect the world around us?

I believe that 5G really will re-shape what's possible with mobile tech. The problem is, it's gonna take a long time ... and a bigger problem is, the people behind the tech want to hype it NOW, presumably so they can start recouping R&D costs by getting people to buy 5G phones and tablets and laptops. Well, it's not really ready now, in the case of mmWave/UWB ... and the low-band stuff is good but only like 20% faster. So we'll see it really get traction, I think, once the carriers have a better mid-band rollout. It'll take time. It'll be cool. But right now it's just a hype machine that's kinda dumb.

Emaf#5936: What are your thoughts on higher refresh rate displays on phones?

They're a nice added perk, but they don't change the game for me. The three phones I use most often are all standard refresh rate and it's fine.

@127930454719463424: If you could pick one feature from Android and bring it to iPhone, what would it be and why? (and vice versa)?

Android -> iPhone: LET ME DO WHAT I WANT WITH MY HOME SCREEN, iPhone -> Android: Airdrop, full stop

yeems214#3953: What do you think of macOS Big Sur and have you tried it?

I've been terrified to upgrade because of the little bugs I've heard about in FCPX with the newer versions. I'm a little behind. Gonna update tonight so cross your fingers for me

douglas9630#5108: Do you think Huawei will have a future outside of China without the Google core apps?

No. Not unless they really pull off a miracle with their App Gallery, which would really be the feat of the century. They're in a tough spot and I don't envy them. It's a shame because their hardware innovation is truly amazing.

@184781690160283650: In your experience, do you find that larger phones, with their larger batteries in particular, will always be the better choice for power users versus their smaller counterparts (eg. XL vs standard), or do you find that software optimization can still favour a smaller battery?

I think both the battery and display size advantages will always make big phones the go-to for "power users." This is another reason I'm excited for a foldable future: you can have a big screen when you want it, and put it away when you don't!

@555478993994907650: Do you think Apple should release a "budget" Mac, that costs sub-$500 but has a not-so-great screen, poor battery life, low performance, but runs macOS and is usable for browsing, email, streaming, etc. for the average person?

Nah. I think Apple has built its reputation on quality that earns its extra cost. That would be like me deciding one day to start a weekly video where I just rap at the camera nonstop without thinking. It would be awful, because that's not what I'm good at and not what I'm known for

Pr0tato#0001: Third question if my second one gets approved: What's your opinion on the leaks for this year's iPhone 12 line-up and what iOS 14/iPad OS 14 has brought so far?

I don't pay much attention to the leaks, so I have no idea what new iPhone hardware might look like. But the iOS stuff is ... it's just so great to see Apple FINALLY starting to loosen up on the homescreen a little, and the new feature drops are always full of smart little conveniences.

@203955535769239552: When you make your videos, what is the one thing (e.g. video quality, depth of research, etc.) that you prioritize the most (or multiple things, if there isn't one in particular) ?

Getting the script as tight as possible. It goes through so many revisions, from the initial write-up, to the notes I take during shooting, to little edits I make to myself when recording the VO, to edits I make during the video editing process. MrMobile videos live or die based on the script so I try to make it as accurate and engaging as possible. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but that's creator life.

@481819680818987008: Considering the failure of infamous Windows Phone, what do you think would've happened if Windows Phone actually managed to be a success instead of it ending up the way it did?

It really would be nice to have a three-horse race instead of the duopoly we currently deal with. It would be a more interesting space too, with a third competitor to "steal" from. Sigh.

yeems214#3953: Are most of your B-roll clips shot on a phone and if so what phone?

No, the vast bulk of the footage in the studio and apartment is shot on a Sony A7SII or a Fuji X-T3. But when I'm out and about ... yeah, most of that is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Which is just so far out and in front of other phones in terms of mobile video, it's outrageous.

@184781690160283650: What is your daily driver alongside the iPhone 11 Pro Max?

Pro Max is just for camera. And, like, tweeting from the shower (which is dumb but I do it sometimes when I'm trying to wake up in the morning). My DDs are Galaxy Fold, Z Flip and Razr

Emaf#5936: What would be the specs and features in your ideal phone?

Spec lists put me to sleep. I'd literally carry a Snapdragon 400-powered phone if it got the job done. Features: Pixel camera (stills), iPhone camera (video), folding screen, wireless charging, dope color. :slight_smile:

rHyS#8019: Hey, I love your videos! what is you favourite, Android or IOS? or are you neutral?

Thank you! I prefer Android personally because it lets me have more freedom in the UI and the devices I can carry, but I do use iOS for some things (see above for B-roll convo)

@203955535769239552: What are your thoughts about the future of the Pixel line, especially in terms of camera performance, given the fact that Marc Levoy has left the company?

Phones tend to be designed far in advance of release, so I expect we'll see M.L.'s influence continue on at least Pixel 5 and maybe even 5a if there is such a thing. Also there's a whole team of talented people there; it's not like at HTC a couple years ago, where you could just watch the brain drain and knew they were gonna be in trouble if they made another phone. So I think it'll be fine, but IMO the Pixel has to start making them money at some point, or eventually it'll probably be canned.

@555478993994907650: What is your favorite new iOS 14 feature?

widgets for sure.

@505059561934422040: Hey from England! Would you still recco the OnePlus 7T in a Nord world?

Ask again later :wink:

@478177624825266194: What do you think about Apple promoting Linux running on an ARM VM? Does that mean that Apple is trying to become freinds with the free software/open source community or something else?

Sadly my insights on the non-mobile side of things are pretty limited.

@555478993994907650: What is your favorite communication platform (Discord, Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp, etc.)?

TELEGRAM. Seriously, stop using WhatsApp and relying on the old excuse of "but everyone's on it and I can't talk them off it!" Sure you can. We did that in less than a year with literally all of my tech friends. People know they need to find me on Telegram if they want to talk. It's not that hard.

NotBiased#0467: what is your favorite place to spend time in your area (y'know before the pandemic)?

Fortunately the pandemic doesn't affect my answer here: down on the East River. My area of Brooklyn has a lot of public space on the water and it's such a pleasure to take walks down there at the end of a day and watch the sun set over Manhattan. I love it here.

douglas9630#5108: Can you do a throwback episode to the HTC HD2?

The bad news: no, not "fun" enough for me right now The good news: I did that back at Pocketnow! You can Google "HTC HD2 pocketnow" and it should pop right up

NotBiased#0467: What music streaming platforms have you used and what do you think is the best all rounder?

I love Spotify, but I wish they paid their artists better

OhItsReallyNoah #4759: What would you call the best looking phone of 2020?

See now these are the kind of shallow questions I do best at. LoL Look, say what you want about the Razr 2020's creaky hinge and whatever ... that thing is sexy af and no one's gonna convince me otherwise

@505059561934422040: Hey from England! Coming from a Pixel 2, thinking about switching to iPhone, but don't know if night mode and OLED are worth sacrificing. Thoughts?

Hi from Brooklyn! It's seriously all about the ecosystem. You'll miss features and little details either way ... but the things that'll make or break a phone for you are how well it works with your other stuff, IMO.

NotBiased#0467: what do you think the future of android will have for foldables? like software optimization for phone -> tablet or others?

It's the wild west in Foldables right now, which is one of the reasons it's so fun to cover. We already see Google building in better support natively for folding screens, which is encouraging, and the Surface Duo may ignite a whole new wave of dual-screen innovation in software ... we'll have to see.

@294451855759769600: With all the coverage of ARM ac'pc's recently, i would love to see an ipad pro review, do you think it can replace a laptop for the average person?

The "average person" is tough to quantify, but yes - I think a lot of people, particularly those who work solely on the web and don't need a lot of horsepower for things like games/legacy software/etc would be best served by an iPad. It's not just for grandma anymore.

@505059561934422040: You mentioned in your iPhone SE video that you couldn't stand iMessage. Why's that?

I hate what it's done to people who don't use iPhones. "Green bubbles" are ostracized because of snobbery (which truly sucks) and also because they make a chat harder due to not being able to participate more fully. I get it, Apple copied the BlackBerry Messenger model and you know what, it makes sense: iMessage has cool stuff and I see why people like it. But BBM never BROKE SMS the way iMessage does when you forget to disable it when switching devices. And Apple could figure out a way to roll it out to Android users but they won't, because it compromises the walled garden too much. So it's just ... it's this thing that makes it harder for everyone who doesn't use an iPhone, which is still 80% of smartphone buyers. So I think it's a douchey move and I wish they hadn't made it.

rHyS#8019: are you looking forward for nearby sharing? (googles airdrop alternative) and are you going to make a video about it?

I'm very much looking forward to it, and maybe!

douglas9630#5108: Have you seen the pricing for phone plans in Canada? If so do you think we are going to that path because of the merger?

I think any time there's less competition in the marketplace, prices go up. I hope it doesn't get as bad as Canada pricing though

@210489030167625728: What is your daily driver right now and what do you anticipate it being by the end of 2020?

Galaxy Fold for workdays, Z Flip and Razr for weekends/evenings. And by the end of the year: I expect to be juggling between a Galaxy Z Fold 2 and a Razr 2 ... but I'm holding out hope another contender joins the foldable fray! TCL? LG? We'll see!

End of AMA.Final message by Michael Fisher

Big thanks to Michael for answering our questions, it's been a pleasure to host you! @waffles Thank you for having me, and thanks to the community for being so kind and hitting me with such intelligent questions! Really enjoyed visiting with y'all. I'm theMrMobile on all the feeds, so come say hi! Stay Mobile my Friends!